Dodgeball is a 6 a side team sport played across the country by those of all ages. It is often confused with the current Olympic sport of handball but there are many differences, none more than the clear change from aiming the ball at an opponent rather than a goal.

Dodgeball is a fast-paced, high-intensity game which challenges its participants both mentally and physically; working on all components of fitness and you need to be an all-round athlete to compete, especially at the elite level.

Traditionally played indoor on a court not much bigger than a badminton court (24ft by 50ftmin), the natural skill of ‘dodging’ becomes ever so difficult, as teams strive to execute group throwing with accuracy and power to strike an opposing player ‘out’.

Dodgeball is quickly moving out of its ‘wet-weather PE lesson’ stereotype to becoming an entertaining and enjoyable sport for all to play, coach and watch. With 3 balls in play the sport is attractive to watch as players execute skills of throwing, dodging, blocking and catching individually and as a team in order to stay in the game or to get team-mates back in. It is a well-rounded game that we hope will continue to grow to become an Olympic sport in years to come.

Teams play a 2-minute game max or until all opponents are eliminated, matches consist of a series of 5, or 7 games, and at the international level its best of 9 games.

The length of a Dodgeball court can be adjusted for venue suitability, the deadzone should never be changed.