What Sports are Played in Spring?

Spring is a very nice time of the year, one where trees start blooming and leafing out, some faster than others. It is also the time of the year where people go outside more and start exercising. The sports they play, however, are not all the same. Some prefer running or playing tennis while others enjoy horse racing, which is especially popular in the UK. Spring is also the time of the year when outside sports are played more, when multiple seasons start, meaning that people will spend more time at the local bookmaker, betting on their favorite athletes. Some prefer online betting, turning to Betway for Cheltenham, to find their favorite horses and jockeys.

Spring is a great time of year to start a new adventure and here are the sports to help you do it.


Running can be done throughout the year but spring is an even better time to start. It is not too hot or too cold. You might get wet from an occasional shower, but that is to be expected. It is far better than the scorching heats of a summer day or the exact opposite when talking about winter.


Spring is when the cycling season starts, officially around April. Some people prefer going at it earlier, depending on their level of performance and duties to a team. Professional athletes have workouts throughout the year, sometimes even on snow. Recreational cyclists often wait for the first warm day to start cycling. March is usually when the weather gets good enough for outdoor cycling.


Nothing like a game of tennis to activate your entire body, especially if you get enough of forehands and backhands. Running around the court should give you enough cardio and your legs and arms will be thankful afterwards. It is also the time when the larger ATP Open tournaments start. Two of them are in March, one in April and more on the way, including the Grand Slams. Tennis, however, is played throughout the entire year.


If the grass is dry and there hasn’t been rain in a while, it is time to hit that ball with your friends. Football is a very popular sport in Europe and for a good reason, there are plenty of great teams and players which give the fan base what they love most, passion and performance.

Football is great in spring, because running keeps you warm and after a game, you can still go home without fear of getting a cold.

These are the best sports played in spring, the ones which can activate your muscles and provide you with health benefits, while also being fun, each in its own way.