How Does Live Betting Work and Why Is It so Popular?

Live betting is a form of gambling that allows you to bet on a certain sporting event while it’s currently in play. Before online casinos were a thing, live betting had to be done at bookies. However, now that gamblers have the ability to bet from home with their computers and mobile phones, live betting seems to be growing in popularity.

If you’re new to this type of betting, you should read this article, as it will teach you how it works and how to enjoy live sports betting at 12BET and other similar sites.

The Basics

Also referred to as in-play betting, live betting gives punters a chance to make wagers after a game has already started. The odds can change during the match, depending on multiple factors.

If an underdog takes the lead by scoring a goal in a football match, for example, that team’s odds will get lower, while the team which was considered a favourite before kick-off will get higher odds. The odds might change if the score remains unchanged while time passes by. If, for example, there aren’t any goals in the first 80 minutes of a match, it is most likely that it will end up in a draw. Yellow and red cards can also be a factor for odds change, as well as injuries, substitutions, and more.

The odds are changed automatically using a computer algorithm. After a goal is scored, betting won’t be available for a few moments until the computer comes up with updated odds.

Which Sports Are Available for Live Betting?

We talked about football in the previous paragraph, but that was just an example. Live betting is available for almost every sporting event that a bookie offers.

Basketball, tennis, rugby, racing, snooker, cricket, and many other sports work in the same way as football does when it comes to in-play betting.

The Advantages of Live Betting

The biggest advantage of in-play betting is the ability to get more realistic odds as the match progresses. By acquiring information from the match which is currently in play, a punter can change his or her mind and bet accordingly.

Another advantage is more betting options. You can bet which team will score the next goal, when the next goal will occur, or which player will score it. This works for other sports as well. Tennis live betting gives you a chance to bet on the winner of the next game or set, while guessing the winner of a quarter in basketball can also be exciting.

Where and How to Bet Live?

Live betting is an option with almost every online bookie nowadays. Just register with the sportsbook of your choice and wait for the event you are interested in to start.

Try not to place a bet right away, as the odds will pretty much stay the same. A useful tip is to wait for a major thing to happen (a team scoring a goal, a tennis player making a break). The rest is up to your sports knowledge and a little bit of luck.