What equipment do you need for dodgeball?

Dodgeball is most commonly referred to as the game that children play during a school recess or as a hobby, but is certainly more than that. This team sport is growing in popularity and many people play it worldwide. The two governing bodies for dodgeball are World Dodgeball Association and World Dodgeball Federation. Their task is to set the ground rules for dodgeball and monitor the game development.

The purpose of the game is to use the dodgeball and throw it at opposing players. The teams consist of 6 players each, and 2 players on the team need to be female. The dimensions of the court match those of basketball, and there are 6 balls available to the players of both teams. They are typically made of rubber or sponge and weigh no more than the ones for volleyball.

Each game begins with two players of each team running to the centre line of the court to collect the dodgeballs. They distribute the balls to their teammates that need to touch the back wall of the court before lunging their shots.

The aim of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by hitting them with the dodgeball. If the opposing player happens to catch the ball, then the person who threw the ball needs to leave the game, allowing the return of any opposing players who had been previously ejected. Also, all the players that step out of bounds are thrown out as well.

The only defence mechanism you can use is the dodgeball you have in your hands. You can repel the incoming balls, but be careful; the incoming ball must not touch any part of your body. If it does, you are out.

Dodgeball is not considered a dangerous sport, but since it involves throwing an object at someone, caution and protective gear are advised. Although headshots still count, the players are discouraged from going for them since minor injuries have been known to happen. Most players use protective goggles, together with knee and elbow pads, to ensure no bruising and cuts occur while jumping and falling to the ground.

As far as jerseys are concerned, we can see the usual T-shirts and shorts with printed logos and sponsorships as signs of endorsement. The shoes should be comfortable and should facilitate the sudden change of direction, all the while ensuring good surface grip.


Dodgeball is an exciting game that requires minimal equipment and ensures maximum fun. 1, 2, 3 – Dodgeball!