Top Ball Sports You Can Bet On

To be perfectly frank, when I was in high school, I sucked at dodgeball. In fact, I believed wholeheartedly that ball sports and games just weren’t my thing.  I would have never thought that, twenty years later, I would be on top of the game, experimenting with new forms of online sports betting (supposedly, there is new way to protect bettors and their bets).  I’ve discovered that there were many ball sports that provide a sense of teamwork and camaraderie, instead of just head trauma. Here is the list of some of the best ball sports you can bet on.


This is the most popular sport in the world, with everyone and their grandma playing it at some point in their life. In countries that are particularly fond of it (like England) every town has a bunch of teams, and selecting the best of the best for the World Cup is a pretty big deal.

Soccer is so popular, that, even if you don’t find a betting house in your city willing to take your bet, there are hardly any online bookies that do not have the option of betting on various teams. And here’s the beauty of it – while there are championships, there is practically no such thing as the end of the season. You can, most likely, bet on soccer 24/7.


Who hasn’t heard of the National Basketball Association and many of its old and new stars? Each team has a significantly lower number of players when compared to soccer, the courts are smaller, everyone’s a giant, and scoring different points depends on the circumstance. The Warriors, the Lakers and the Celtics are just some of the famous teams even children in third world countries have heard of.

While NBA does have seasons, there is a ton of exhibition games, as well as college teams facing off in a game of coordination, dexterity and teamwork. That means you can still enjoy a bet or two, even if your favorite teams aren’t in the game right now.


Ah, America’s favorite pastime. The sport is perfect for those who like being on the edge of their seat for a long time, since the game has nine innings and no time limit. You don’t even have to be ultra-serious about supporting a team, or betting on games, you can just rely on the fantasy league at work to get you by, and you’ll get hooked in no time.

Besides the USA, the sport has become quite popular in Japan, with the two countries occasionally trading players across continents. Japan has accepted this American gem so much, that many of its teams have English names (first and foremost – the Giants).


And here is baseball’s quirky grandpa – cricket. You might think that this sport has no fan base, and that there is no point in betting on it, and you’d be dead wrong – the same way Japan has adopted American baseball, so too did the colonies embrace Britain’s national sport.

I am talking about India. The sport is a big deal over there, with amazing teams, complicated leagues and, of course, betting. However, if you are interested in investing some time and money here, I suggest doing a bit more research on cricket first – compared to other games on this list, it’s (pardon the pun) a whole new ball game.