Dodgeball Variations You Can Bet On

You can bet on virtually anything these days, so it’s no wonder that there are even some variations of standard dodgeball with small betting markets available for them. If you like betting on sports in general, check out Rushbet online for some great odds and bonuses.

Here is the list of the most popular dodgeball variations around the world that you can bet on.




The rules of prisonball are similar to the standard dodgeball, except that there is a designated area behind the opposite team called “prison”, where players who get hit by a ball must go to. Players in prison cannot eliminate opponents and they stay in prison until they catch a ball their teammate throws to them.


Prisonball was invented in Germany, where it is called Völkerball (‘nationball’). It has the status of an official sport in the German gymnastics federation, and is usually played by girls and women. Only one ball is used to play Völkerball, and the first player that goes to prison becomes the “king” of their team, meaning that they can return to the game after all other players are eliminated. Kings have three lives and they can help other players get back in the game. Beach prisonball is also a very popular variation of the game, and it has its own league in Germany.



Goalball is a Paralympic Games sport since 1976 and it can be played only by athletes with visual impairment. In goalball two teams with three players each compete in scoring goals by rolling balls across the field towards the opponents’ goal. Balls have bells inside so that athletes can rely on their hearing to defend their goal, judging the position of the ball by the sound.




Ga-ga is a game of Jewish origin that is becoming increasingly popular outside Israel. Exciting and packed with thrill, the game is played in an octagonal pit. It is less aggressive than dodgeball, because it is played with soft foam ball and the players are only allowed to hit other players below the knees to eliminate them. The last player standing in the pit is the winner.


Four Square


One of the favourite pastimes for school kids, the game is played by four players on a square court divided in four squares. It is played with a rubber ball and the objective is to progress to the highest rank by staying in the game longer than other players. Players are only allowed to hit the ball with their hands and they are eliminated when they fail to hit the ball into the opponent’s square.


Trampoline Dodgeball


This increasingly popular version of dodgeball is played on a grid of trampolines instead of a regular field, with players bouncing in order to catch the ball and avoid being hit by it. Players can usually not be cast out of boundaries of the playing field. Apart from that, rules are almost identical to standard dodgeball.