Review of the 2017 Dodgeball Championship

The first edition of the dodgeball championship was in 2011. At the moment, the following countries are part of the International Federation for dodgeball and can participate in the championships: Canada, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Mexico, Malaysia and Hong Kong. The UK is not yet a member, but we definitely hope they will become one soon.

About the event
The 2011 championship had two separate sections for men and women. Canada and the US have won most of the gold medals so far, with a few notable exceptions like Hong Kong in 2012 and Malaysia in 2017.

The event took place in Canada, at the Markham Pan Am Centre, located at 16 Main Street Unionville in Markham, Ontario. This sports venue covers 147k sq. ft. and meets international standards for competitions. Apart from a suitable dodgeball gym, they also have an Olympic sized swimming pool, a fitness centre and various A/V rooms as well as several other gymnasiums.


Before moving to the actual numbers, you should know that the adjusted values are the ones that count for the standings and the games against team Maple leaf are not taken into account at all.

The final results for the women’s competition display the US at the top with 6 wins and 3 losses, followed by Australia (7 wins, 2 losses) and Canada (6 wins, 3 losses). The adjusted point differential (Pd*) brought the US to the top with 39. Australia had a Pd* of 35 while Canada scored 30.

Further down on the list, there are Malaysia (13), Hong Kong (-1), Mexico (-54), and Italy (-62). The Maple Leaf team had 4 wins and 3 losses with a Pd of 5. An adjusted point differential was not calculated for this team.

As for men, Malaysia won with a Pd* of 42. These men didn’t lose at all, having a great performance of 9 wins at 9 games played. They are followed by the US with a Pd* of 32 and Canada with 26. The next in line is Australia (21), after which we’ll see Mexico (-17), Hong Kong (-41), and Italy (-63). Maple Leaf had 3 wins, 4 losses and a Pd of -5. No adjusted point differential was displayed for them.


The first 4 teams of each section made it into the playoffs. The women’s semifinals were US v Malaysia (6-7) and Australia v Canada(11-5), thus bringing Malaysia and Australia in the final. The match was played the next day, on October 21st, ending in the victory of the Malaysian women’s team 7-5. For men, the semifinals were Malaysia v Australia (7-5) and US v Canada (9-10). This resulted in the Malaysia v Canada (8-6) final, and once again the Southeast-Asian country won.