Best tactics in playing dodgeball

Dodgeball can be very fun, but it’s still a sport, and the end result everyone’s after is winning. At a first sight, the rules are simple, but after you take out the physical abilities of the players, it’s the strategy that makes the difference between losers and winners. We’ll now teach you how to improve your chances of winning dodgeball games.


If you don’t know who’s your target, throw the ball to the wall as hard as you can and as far away from any players. This way you avoid the worst case scenario of having your ball caught and being thrown out. A rookie team throws in isolation while an experienced one directs all balls to a single target. Most often, the best team is the most coordinated one.

The question now comes: who do you target first? The most obvious answer is the strongest opponent. This will throw the entire team off balance thus giving you the upperhand. The smartest thing to do is to aim as low as possible because if you hit an opponent above the shoulders, not only that he’ll stay in the game, but you’ll be eliminated.


The best thing your team can do is to spread out and go to the back of the court. You might think that hiding behind a teammate is a good idea, but in fact you won’t see the ball coming if the person in front of you dodges successfully.

Remember that the higher you jump, the better your chances to dodge because most players aim below the waist. Be aware of your surroundings because if you stay too close to the boundaries, you might jump outside of them, thus getting yourself eliminated.


Don’t go out of your way to catch a ball. If it doesn’t come in your direction, let it be and leave the spectacular moves to your opponents. Chances are they will make mistakes while trying to be interesting. A trick is to deflect the ball up so that you can catch it when it comes down, but it’s quite difficult to pull off and it’s mostly suitable for one-on-one rounds. Don’t forget that if the ball hits the wall, a player or another ball, you are out.

All-on-one situations

It’s impossible to not find yourself alone against several opponents if you play this game regularly. Even below average players make it sometimes to the late stages of the game when everybody else was thrown out and the fate of your team lies in your hands. This is a quite stressful situation but don’t panic. Knowing in advance how to act prepares you to a certain extent for the real life situation.

In this case, pick the catch with the highest chances of success. Don’t go for spectacular catches, but for the guaranteed ones. After that, make yourself a small target until a teammate rejoins you. Moreover, you can actually use the ball as a shield to deflect hard shots. Go to the back third of the court and avoid making yourself an easy target by standing at point-blank range.

Sometimes, you might also find yourself as part of All in this situation. In this case, don’t get cocky because your team hasn’t won yet. Throw together and under no circumstance let your opponent catch a ball. Throw the ball hard, fast and low.