Can you bet on dodgeball?

Considering that dodgeball is a fairly new addition to the list of internationally regulated sports, it can be difficult to make bookmakers interested enough. While dodgeball betting does exist, it is a quite rare thing, especially in the online environment.

You are most likely to find bookies that take dodgeball bets at actual dodgeball competitions. However, in this scenario, you won’t be able to use all sorts of promotions offered by online bookmakers, such as this sports bonus code.

Still, in the event that you will find dodgeball betting opportunities, let us show you a few tips you can apply to any sport you want, including dodgeball.

Rely on good money management

Believe it or not, this is the most important piece of advice one could get: set a budget and stick to it no matter what. This prevents you from chasing losses and doing recklessly high bets. Just like in trading, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, meaning that each trade, in this case, the bet should not be higher than a certain percentage of your bankroll. It’s safe to put 5% of your total budget in each bet.

Shop around online bookies

Our suggestion is to shop for the best odds at online bookmakers because you get several perks, like welcome bonus offers and free bets. If you open an account at 2-3 online bookmakers, you will be able to choose between several odds for a particular event and thus choose the highest return.

It’s quite difficult to check the odds at multiple regular betting shops. You are usually confined to those in your close vicinity and location is not a great thing to base your decision on in this case.

Stick to single bets

Single event bets are the safest and can bring a low but steady income. This drives many bettors, especially new ones, to make parlay bets that generally offer bigger payouts but also come with higher risks. A parlay bet multiplies your wager by the odds for the outcomes you selected (minimum 2 outcomes).

The catch is that the multiplication odds come together with the multiplication of the “juice” the bookmaker assigns to each betting line in order to make money. The math tells you that the bookie has a bigger advantage than the bettor.

Still, if you think you found bets where the value of each play is greater than the juice, you could make a parlay bet in good confidence. In the long run, however, individual bets perform better.

Stay on top of it

Checking the scores once every couple of weeks won’t bring you the desired results. A good bettor knows the latest sports news and reads between the lines of managers’ statements to look for possible transfers and the overall atmosphere within the team.

You should also carefully study match stats for the teams you follow. It’s best to focus your attention on a handful of teams from a couple of sports, otherwise, you risk not understanding either one.