World’s famous dodgeball players

While these dodgeball players might not be known by the general public, they are certainly famous within the dodgeball community. It is our duty to increase awareness about the greatest dodgeball talents of our time, so here’s a list you will definitely enjoy. It’s true that most of them are from the US, but nonetheless, they did win a lot of international tournaments, so we must give their share of credit.

US players

The list obviously starts with Justin Payan from Doom, West Region. He had a huge contribution to the 5 UDC championships won by Doom. Payan was a 2-time MVP of the elite season and Team USA player in the world championship. We must also mention Nate Krieter who was the captain of Team USA twice and an Elite West All Star. He also played for Doom, having one of the most accurate throws in dodgeball.

As for women, we have Britney Massro from PopThat in West region. She is, of course, an elite star and has 3 consecutive appearances for Team USA at the world championship. Let’s not forget Rolena Thomassin from Invasion, West Region who definitely has a talent for double catches and for getting out of 3v1 situations. Bryana London is one of the best dodgeball played in all styles and she is far from being done. She played for Money Shot and Doom, being named MVP for the women elite nationals.

Canadian players

Jen Ritchie is the most prominent name you’ll hear in Canadian dodgeball. In her career, she won multiple championships and 2 gold medals at the world championship in 2012 and 2013. She is also an advocate of this sport.

Other Canadian women’s names worth mentioning are Lynn Kirkpatrick and Shauna Roe. As for the men Canadian team, we must acknowledge Jonah Koplowitz, Eric Cerrudo, and Matthew Garcia-Silveira.

British players

The UK is proud to have several internationally renowned dodgeball players as well. We’ll start with Brian William who founded 5 new dodgeball clubs in Worcestershire to raise awareness about this sport and give people in that area a chance to explore their talent.

Then there is Ciara Wong who played for Northern Ireland in international settings, being the captain of NI Knights and KaPow Black Widows. In the most recent European championships, she led the Knights to their highest position in the history of the club.

Other examples include Pete Watt, Charlie Edwards and Scotty Whitelaw. All these people were nominated for the Dodgeballer of the Year award in the UK.